Friday, February 20, 2009

33-37 weeks

I’m currently in charge of general medical ward….meaning that I have to do ward rounds in the morning… only Allah knows how painful was my back and legs when I was doing rounds and how frequent I had to go t the toilet to pee!!!! I was hoping that I would deliver earlier than my first child (39 weeks +), at least around 36 weeks onwards as I cannot tolerate the tiredness anymore….

My baby at 35 weeks was 2.4kg and I weighed 58.3kg….not much increment from the last visit even though I think I had very good meals in every meals!!! i repeated my BSP again at 36 weeks and it was normal…all readings were below 6mmol/l….i wasn’t controlling my diet that tight….i still went for teh ais or milo ais for lunch….i even had carbonated drinks once a while….chocolates, fruit juice, rice and everything under the sun!!!

I stopped going out during the weekend, only when necessary….i was too lazy and tired….i also cannot tolerate the heat at home, so we installed an aircond in our bedroom….as for the mum’s and baby’s preparation, I guess everything is ready…I also had packed the bags that need to be brought to the hospital later….

Another antenatal check up at 37 weeks, I weighed 58.8kg and the baby was already 3kg…the head is already in the pelvic though not yet engaged….my amniotic fluid index (AFI ) was 16.4….everything seemed good….still no sign and symptoms of labour yet…