Tuesday, November 25, 2008

week 22-25

i've been lacking in updating my pregnancy journal...the reason being, i'm too lazy...anyway, the pregnancy went on smoothly....occasionally i got constipation and 2nd degree haemorrhoids...and i've started craving for chocolates....yummmmm.....!!! i just love them so much..i've been buying the cadbury's chocolate milk bars and they are so milky and satisfying....!

and my mum was recently diagnosed with diabetes through opportunistic screening that i did on her...gosh! that means, i need to do a MGTT for myself....and i forgot to tell my obs about that..nevermind, i'll do the test first and tell him the result later...

my weight during the antenatal check up was 56.1kg...the baby was moving actively especially when i sleep during the nighttime....

my sister got back from Australia for a break...and we had a short break at Tasik Kenyir and Kuantan...(we had a wet and rainy days in Tasik Kenyir...) but it was a nice place to go....had a bot ride in the rain...!!! had lovely satar and otak-otak and keropok lekor at Kuala Kemaman..yummm!!

and Jihan had succesfully toilet-trained herself, both wee-wee and poo-poo in the toilet...yeay!!!!