Tuesday, January 13, 2009

29-32 weeks

These were the weeks that were full of surprises (?) and tiredness…. First of all, I had to do the modified glucose tolerance test (MGTT) to see whether I have gestational diabetes (GDM) or not… not everybody who is pregnant need to do the test, I had to do this because my mother was recently diagnosed to have diabetes, so I’m at risk as well…. I need to be fasted the night before and took the fasting blood sugar the next morning….then I had to drink 75g of the sucrose mixed with 250ml of water which tasted damn sweet…. I can hardly brush my teeth after that, fearing that I would vomit after that, then I have to repeat the test all over again…2 hours after that I have to take another blood sample which was the 2 hours post prandial (2HPP)….and the result…? 4.5 mmol/L for the fasting sugar and 8.7 mmol/L for the 2HPP!!!! And that confirmed I have impaired glucose tolerance test which means I need to do the blood sugar profile (BSP) which involves 4 times blood taking in a day (yuckkksss!) and that will determine if I have a full blown GDM or not! I can’t believe it that I’m diabetic!!!! I am still in a denial state and didn’t bother to control my diet…still craving for good chocolates and teh ais or milo ais for lunch!!!!

At that time I was currently doing medical rotation, and I had to do oncalls as the requirement for the postings…luckily I was given 4 oncalls from 29-32 weeks and no more oncalls beyond 32 weeks till my delivery….the oncalls I had were unpredictable…my first one was quite a bad one…I wasn’t able to sleep at all from 9-7.30 the next morning, I was in the emergency room attending cases….at one point at around 4 am, I had a nervous breakdown and I cried in the toilet….i was so tired and had a bad backache and frequent Braxton hicks contraction….the next morning, I simply cannot get up and had to take a day off to recover from the stress and fatigue the night before….. I had almost the similar oncall during the 4th one…arghhhh!!! Luckily my 2nd and 3rd oncalls were quite alright…at least I managed to get some sleep to rest and to stretch my back….

I did my BSP and it was almost normal except my pre bed which was 6.3….my weight at 31 week was 57.3 and the baby weighed 1.5kg…. I had to repeat my BSP at 36 week…in the mean time I had to control my diet just to make sure my sugar won’t fluctuate and imposed the risk to my baby….